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About us

Amabis was established in 1989 by Josephine Bott, silversmith and jewellery designer. Jo is the creator of our exclusive, handcrafted collections,  'LifeStory' and 'Prey'.

LifeStory has an enduring appeal and is the most versatile and personalized jewellery brand out there. It can be stamped with special dates, poems, names, song lyrics, epitaphs and even swear words to create a piece of jewellery which you will treasure forever.

The exquisite Prey collection is unusual and totally unique. The master pattern for each piece has been entirely handmade, cast in sterling silver using the ancient 'lost wax' method, hand pierced, and fused together in layers to create a beautifully weighted piece. 

Amabis Bespoke
Amabis offers a unique, bespoke service. We can create anything from a simple silver bangle to a 18ct gold diamond ring and anything wonderfully creative in between. If you have a design you’d like to see brought to life, get in touch so we can help you own your dream piece!