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 "LifeStory" is a beautiful and unique collection of personalised charm pendants, exclusive to Amabis, handcrafted by silversmith and jewellery designer Josephine Bott.

6 LifeStory silver teardrop charms laid flat on a grey background. From left to right, large charm with the words “INTO EVERY LIFE A LITTLE RAIN MUST FALL” with stamped rain drop shapes int the centre. Central charm, large with the words “MUM, YOU TAUGHT ME FEAR IS NOT AN OPTION” around the edge in a spiral. Top right, small charm with butterfly shaped cut out. Middle right, small charm with silver horseshoe fused on shape and the words “IF WISHES WERE HORSES” around the edge. Middle bottom charm, small with the name “FINSAR” at the bottom and a heart-shaped cut out in the centre. Bottom right, small charm with silver heart fused-on shape in the centre and the word “ANGEL” at the bottom.

You can chose from a selection of sterling silver pendants in a range of shapes and sizes and customise them with your own choice of lettering, stones, cut-out shapes or fused on shapes so you end up with something which is totally unique to you.

  DISC (from £35)
  Small, medium and large



  OVAL (from £40)
  Small, medium and large



  TEARDROP (from £40)
  Small, medium and large



  TAG (from £40)
  Small, medium and large



 ROUND HEART(from £50)
 Small and large



  LONG HEART (from £55)
  Small and large



  WING (from £59)
  Small and large



  FEATHER (from £50)
  Small and large



  MOON (from £55)
  Small and large



  STAR (£69)
  One size



  FLOWER (£60)
  One size



The stamped lettering is included in the price of the charm.

Your charms are held together beautifully on the LifeStory "Starter" (£65) which includes a chunky silver bale for your charms, a small bale for the chain of your choice and the signature LifeStory logo disc with your name stamped on the reverse.







You can make your LifeStory pendant completely original to you or the person you are treating. You might want to choose a significant date, names of people you love, places you have been, words that give you strength or make you laugh, lyrics that mean something to's up to you

 You can also buy charms as seen... 

 In addition to the lettering, you can choose additional features such as gemstones (from £50), cut-out shapes (£18.50) and fused on shapes (from £30). 

Many of our customers add to their collection over time creating a charm pendant which is truly unique to their own LifeStory. It also makes for an ideal present from a group of friends for a special occasion.

 If you would like specific lettering placement please add the details in the comments section in the checkout after you've told us what you want stamping. If you don't get in touch with this information we will lay out your text beautifully on your chosen charm.

If you want us to send you sketches of a few variations of your design before we go ahead, please feel free to contact us

We want you to LOVE what we create for you, especially as it's so personal.

(Please allow an extra 5 working days for bespoke products).

Do not hesitate to contact us if you need any more information or assistance.